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  1. The real estate brokerage offering complimentary solar power systems to home buyers & sellers.
  2. Sustainable real estate.


Provide start-to-finish real estate services to every client, and supply complimentary solar power systems that produce free electricity for greater home value. We will empower home buyers to enjoy living sustainably and affordably, while helping home sellers sell their homes more quickly and at a greater price with solar.


Reeco is a sustainable real estate brokerage that provides free solar power systems to all home buyers & sellers. Our vision is to create a more affordable, eco-friendly real estate experience for each client, to provide unprecedented value and savings to homeowners and a healthier planet for future generations.

Established in 2012, our company was formed around the idea of leveraging sustainable real estate (green homes powered by solar) for the collective good:

  • Lower electricity costs and greater home value for the consumer
  • A better planet
  • A more efficient and viable business model for the real estate industry

We appreciate your interest and hope that you will join our sustainable real estate movement. To learn more about us, contact our team.